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Seeker Brewing

Seeker Brewing is situated on the coastline of Wollongong, just under the Illawarra escarpment in Dharawal country. From the vibrant music scene and a thirst for adventure – fostered by mountains and surf – Seeker Brewing was born. Cliché slogans are hard to avoid with Seeker Brewing, but they are simply apt. After all, we are seekers. Seekers of great beer, bangin' swell, the alps, trails and good music. We believe our Seeker brews pair perfectly with a post-adventure afternoon sunset, shared with like-minded souls and great friends. The brewery is conveniently situated in the industrial part of Unanderra on the south side of the gong, where we have a selection of 12 taps, a pool table and a basketball hoop. Seeker brewing aims to be the space where all seekers, locals and travellers alike come together, bond over their shared love of fun and delicious crafty ales.

Seeker family
canning day

The Brewers

Led by our fearless head brewer Jeff and our up and coming brewing star Nelson. All beers are dialled in by the duo and carefully crafted to excite your papillae! 

Once packaged the beer is then carefully scrutinised by the other half of the Seeker team, that is Ben and Curtis.

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